Who are we?

In 2020, few young ladies that studied marketing and IT overseas at a Master’s degree level were having coffee in Addis chatting about their shopping experience in other countries on Amazon, Alibaba and Ebay. Suddenly the conversation turned to “Why can’t we have an e-commerce company like those here in Ethiopia?” We sure are educated and qualified. Plus the growing middle class in Ethiopia and overall E. Africa, the growing economies and population, the integration and many more factors can warrant success of a properly managed company.

A name that is descriptive and easy for the mouth “tolo” was chosen. Then coined with the word that signifies shopping “mart” was added thus forming “tolomart”. The next challenge was coming up with the financial capital needed and facing the local bureaucratic challenge. We were fortunate to find capital investors that helped us form the company, rent office, hire staff, buy server space in the US, contract swift payment system (for international payments), design our webpage and apps and many more costs.

We now are a qualified player ready to serve our people.

Why buy on tolomart?

When shopping on “tolomart” you have a variety ways to place your orders. Once on our apps or website you can browse from wide range of products and services from different vendors. Once an order is placed you have a variety of ways to pay (including all international payment methods). Your personal information is kept safe by “swift” payment system. Your products will be delivered in the time frame specified to the destinations you assigned using our sister company vehicles.

How does tolomart work?

To place an order you will be required to register and fill the short form on

  1. Create an account by registering on the site.
  2. Select a vendor from our list of vendors.
  3. Fill your cart with items that are available on the site that you would like it to be delivered at your destination / location.
  4. Choose your payment method and place your order.
  5. Your order will be delivered to the location you have placed.
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